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James Somerville Lindsay

James Somerville Lindsay

Born in Scone, Perthshire in 1954, James studies at Glasgow School of Art 1972-78 ( DA in graphic design ) with gap year in s.coast of England and a year at Portsmouth College of Art & Design.

James’ work draws its inspiration from the great impressionist masters. Little wonder then, that his early years as an artist were spent following in their footsteps through the South of France.

On the road in his old campervan, painting plein air, he developed the style he is now renowned for.  Whether emotive or impressionist in style, capturing those moments of light and shadow that render the ordinary extraordinary are his passion.  

Travel, adventure and new stimulus are key to his work and his more recent field trips include Italy and the Greek Islands along with a growing reputation for cityscape work throughout the UK.

Whether here in Scotland or his base in the South of France he is equally at home in a studio environment. There, to recreate the spontaneity of outdoor painting James will paint in short intense time frames on 10-20 pieces simultaneously.

Thereafter he will work on each for short periods until complete to retain the loose expressive plein air style he has become recognised for.