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Gregg Anston-Race

Gregg Anston-Race

The Craft Fusion, a family run studio based in the Devonshire market town of Holsworthy on the Devon/Cornwall border, is where glass artist and designer Gregg Anston-Race creates his works of art, with every single piece being handmade by Gregg himself. 

Gregg was born in Truro and has lived in Cornwall all of his life. Regular days out to the coast and to the moors, exploring old mine workings naturally means that most of Gregg’s inspiration for his designs come from the rugged coastline of this area and from the mining history of Cornwall.

Gregg established the Craft Fusion studio in 2005, and sells his work across the UK.

Originally working with coloured glass, he went on to use mineral foils in the glass. This work was greatly influenced by the colours and effects he found in the deposits of metal ores in the old mine workings he had explored as a child, he stayed working in mineral foils until he felt he had developed this medium as far as it could go.

Feeling the need to stretch himself and to take his work to a higher level, Gregg now works mostly with coloured glass powder, producing vibrant and organic works of art, creating more flowing and organic lines and developing new textures, more creative techniques and exciting colours. 

 Through experimentation, Gregg has been able to develop techniques for working with the glass powders that are unique to his work, which creates an unusual textured look in the glass, a process that requires a very long time in the kiln. The end result of this process allows the work to take on its organic forms.