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Sonas  Maclean

Sonas Maclean

Sonas studied at Edinburgh College of Art between 1983 - 87 and graduated with a BA Hons in Drawing and Painting. She was Chairperson of the Fife Printmakers Workshop from 1993 - 95.  She received the Elizabeth Greenshields Award in 1990 & 1995 and was commissioned by the Dunfermline District Arts Council to produce a Limited Edition Screenprint.

She has exhibited widely throughout Scotland and also in Japan and America. Her subjects are mainly landscapes and townscapes together with her ever popular paintings of harbours throughout Scotland.

"I was born and brought up on the coast of Caithness in the far north of Scotland where I learned an appreciation of the sea and a love of coastal scenes and small harbours. In my work I combine colour, composition and tones to distil the harmonies and moods I see in the landscapes around me. I find the way the land meets the sea fascinating and compelling.""I can spend hours looking at reflections. I would like my images to communicate a sense of peace and an intangible sense of place. My images are my hiding places, where I can escape to a sense of freedom and peace. They are an open secret, between myself and anyone with an intimate knowledge of the location."