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Pam Carter

Pam Carter

Pam was born and brought up in Tanzania until she was 13. She went on to study at Glasgow School of Art in the early seventies. And is now one of the most recognisable and celebrated artists in the country.

Her awards include the Laing Prize, Visual Arts Scotland, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Award at the annual RGI exhibition.  Pam exhibits widely throughout the UK and many other parts of the world.

Having lectured part-time for many years at Falkirk College, Pam now paints full-time from her studio in Torrance.

She is mostly influenced by the bright colours of the Scottish landscape.  The white sands of the west coast are set against dramatic skies and the silhouettes of outlying islands stand like sentinels. Her interest in the use of strong colours may come from her origins in Africa. 

However, art school also taught her to see the colour and the work of the great colourists, from Titian to the Impressionists and has influenced her painting style over the years since graduation.