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Siobhan Miles-Moore

Siobhan Miles-Moore

After developing a passion for Ceramics at school, Siobhan was persuaded to follow a career in Higher Education for a number of years, before spending a period of time as a firefighter.  She finally returned to her creative background in 2016 and is currently based in Ambleside in the Lake District where she lives and works with her partner Martin. Together they form award-winning Miles-Moore Ceramics and are artists in residence for The Brathay Trust.


Siobhan creates her ceramic sculptures using clay as base, but integrates a range of other materials ranging from wool to gold leaf in her pieces. Through her work she plays with light, perspective and texture, hoping to remind people that there is always more than meets the eye and to truly appreciate things we must alter our perspectives.


Never before have we all been made so aware of the power of the natural world to define our behaviour as well as to sooth and heal our psyches.  This work is inspired by forces that shape and change our landscape, and hence ourselves. And vice versa.


As humans we have a symbiotic relationship with our landscape and, increasingly we need to acknowledge the impact we have on our surroundings.  The majority are pieces inspired by the power of our weather to shape and change.  Wind, rain, cloud all change both our perceptions and shared experience. 


Human industry significantly alters landscapes.  The work using woollen yarn in its decoration is inspired by the impact caused through our creation of wool.  This industry has defined places and generations of people, binding communities together.  Feelings of connection to each other and our history seem increasingly important.


All these pieces use textures of foraged local slate and granite in their decoration.”