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Wendy Newhofer

Wendy Newhofer

Wendy spent three years at the inspirational Richmond Adult Community College in the studio glass department before setting up her own studio in Oxford.

Wendy makes kiln formed glass pieces which have a painterly quality to them. Working from sketches, She make a design and then layers glass with precious metal leaf and foil using wire to  ‘draw’ within the glass. 

This combination of glass and metal produces a palette of subtle colours when the glass is fired in the kiln. There is a magical alchemy to this process which can be unpredictable but which gives each piece its individual character and a translucent elegance.   

My garden studio is a huge influence on my work and the images I create come mainly from observation of the natural world. Leaves and seedpods have been a major preoccupation over many years and repeated forms are also a distinctive feature of my glass.’