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Janet Melrose RSW

Janet Melrose RSW

Janet Melrose studied Fine Art Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art under John Busby RSA RSW and William Baillie CBE PPRSA PPRSW, graduating in 1987. 

She has exhibited extensively in Scotland, London and New York. Her work has been exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy, the Royal Society of Scottish Watercolourists, the Scottish Society of Artists and Visual Arts Scotland.  

Working from her studio on the banks of the River Earn in Perthshire, Janet’s paintings are characterised by an intuitive, whimsical approach to mark making. 

During long walks in the countryside, Janet collects objects and makes notes before returning to paint in her studio, where she seeks connections between what she has collected and what she has seen.  Lines and arrows are used to describe flight paths and movements of animals whilst branches of leafless trees seem to extend into sprawling bird nests, as if seen in dreams of winter walks in forests.  The meandering branches and paths of Janet’s paintings all point towards the earth and its cycles through abundance and scarcity.