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Art News

Exhibition Programme 2011

by annanart
Tuesday 18th January 2011

The 2011 programme at Annan Gallery is taking shape. A few slots remain to be finalised. We will update the calendar shortly with details of the Art Fairs that we will attend with work of Scottish contemporary artists.

Look out for Rosanne Barr's solo in June and Laura Kearney's figurative work in the run-up to Easter.

Provisional Exhibition Programme 2011

look out for further events as we build up to a busy year at the Gallery and Art Fairs.

26 Mar - 10 April8-24 April4-19 June

Jane Blair, Lynsey Ewan, Peter Foyle, James Orr, Deborah Phillips

pastoral topped up with urban and a dash of Botanic Gardens stirred in to this eclectic cocktail of artists

Laura Kearney

elegant figure studies set against enigmatic backdrops

Rosanne Barr

a major solo show from Rosanne, a young landscape artist who gained lots of attention as a Jolomo Award Finalist in 2009

20 Aug - 4 Sep 26 Nov - 31 Dec

George Birrell

instantly identifiable. stylised fishing villages and the odd castle serve Georges abiding passion to explore colour harmony and balance.


Winter Show

a reprise from our regular gallery artists at year end.

Contact us for a Preview invitation to any of these events or join the Gallery mailing list for updates.