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Recent Arrivals

by annanArt
Thursday 5th August 2010


New to the wall at Annan Gallery


Peter Foyle - Great Western RoadPeter Foyle - Kelvinbridge

Glasgow cityscapes from Peter Foyle including Great Western Road and Kelvinbridge.

Much of Peter's work depicts rural life in harbours and villages around the country but he has recently been inspired by the buildings and street scenes of Glasgow where his ability to capture light - often on wet days - results in rich vibrant paintings.

Frank McNab - Kelvingrove - the EndColin Park - untitled Head 3

Three Glasgow Allegories from Frank McNab.

Frank codes modern social messages into his paintings in the style of classical allegorical painting.

Three new Suprematist heads from Colin Park.

The 'Head' series are larger-than-life imagined portraits resembling primitive ritual masks and expressing strong primitive emotion.

Iinspired by the work of Kasimir Malevich as he explored the expression of fundamental geometric forms.

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