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Welcome to Annanart at the Annan Gallery


upcoming exhibition
St Kilda - Island on the Edge. New Work from Beth Robertson Fiddes

"I am always looking for places on the edge, very remote places inhabited in the past and now abandoned".

Isolated and hauntingly beautiful, the St Kilda Archipelago, 40 miles west of Harris, itself a Hebridean island off the mainland of Scotland, is hard to reach and buffeted by Atlantic storms. Beth Robertson Fiddes, fascinated by the St Kilda story, its settlement for over 1000 years and the evacuation of the last islanders in 1930, rough camped on Hirta, its main island, in Summer 2012. She explored the outlier stacs, sketching and recording her impressions of the islands and her journey... impressions distilled into paintings in Beth's unique and complex style. Annan Gallery, Glasgow

Georgie McMaster - Mo

Georgina McMaster

Pam Carter - The Row, Stein Bay

Pam Carter

George Birrell - Autumn Village

George Birrell


Jean Feeney

Peter Nardini - Long Shadows, Paris Park

Peter Nardini

Jane Blair - Winter Shetland

Jane Blair



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