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Profile of Malcolm Butts

1943 - 2009. Born in Heighington, Lincolnshire and educated there. His first teaching appointment was to the staff of Leicester College of Art. For a number of years he taught at The Glasgow School of Art where one of his principal interests was casting in bronze. Malcolm lived in the West of Scotland, travelled widely and devoted his time fully to painting Scottish landscape

There is a precision and careful attention to detail that characterised his work in acrylic and oil colours. The appeal of his realistic approach resulted in a number of commissions; including a series of distillery scenes for the Board Room of a Highland Distillery company.

His paintings have been published in a series of limited edition prints and his original work is in private collections throughout Europe and USA.

His naval warfare painting Sheffield Class Destroyer on South Atlantic Patrol is held by Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Sheffield Class Destroyer on South Atlantic Patrol.  (Glasgow Museums and Galleries)

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