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Profile of Jean Feeney

Although she lives in the heart of Highland Perthshire, painter Jean Feeney admits that some of her greatest artistic inspiration comes from a very different part of the Scottish landĀ¬scape.
From her first visit to Ardnamurchan and the west coast in 1990, Jean fell in love with the landscape, light and colour, and they have been at the centre of her creative output ever since.
Born in York, Jean has Scottish roots through her father's family and came back to live north of the border from Hertfordshire over 20 years ago.

She has worked in a variety of media - oils, pastels, gouache and watercolour - and her trademark is strong and bold colour combined with energy, light and atmosphere. Her main influences are the Scottish colourists and some of the German expressionists, and, of course, Van Gogh for his love of yellow and use of thickly applied and textured paint.

"Real places inspire me; the quality of the light and the air, and often the people who live in those places, and do battle with the elements (the rain, the wind, the sun) and in so doing leave their mark - a fence post, a white gable-end, a broken gate.... and so I paint. "
"But during the process, the application of the paint and the sheer exuberance of the colours involved become the real excitement. "
"I try and keep it under control remembering that the places I paint have a beauty that should not be lost."

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