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Profile of Hilary Gauci

Hilary Gauci paints classic still life. It is a genre in which she has been greatly influenced by the works of the Dutch Old Masters; although with a contemporary approach and modern materials the technique still has changed little over the ensuing four centuries . Her paintings contrast light with dark to create atmosphere and depth - encouraging you to engage with the detailed realism of her scene where tricky surfaces and textures have to be rendered with realistic light effects.

The subject matter includes old porcelain, eggs and feathers, old books and globes and sometimes game birds. She is especially known for her paintings which combine fruit with old silverware. The beautiful, intense colours of fruit - cherries, redcurrants, figs or blackberries - with a little foliage offer wonderful opportunities for reflection to become the key secondary component in the many silver jugs she paints. Look for yourself and see whether you can detect hints of the artist or of her drawing room studio reflected in these settings. She explains that the style of this intricate work requires intense concentration, enabled in her case, by the peace of living in rural Aberdeenshire.


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