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Profile of Frank McFadden

Frank McFadden studied Graphic Design and served an apprenticeship as a signwriter in Glasgow - not a conventional start to the artistic career he has since carved out, but his talent was evident at school and encouraged by teachers. In a move that Frank considers was pre-determined, he was taken under the wing of Peter Howson, with whom he shared a studio for a number of years and with whom he has had joint exhibitions. His affinity with Howson was based on their similar, not untroubled early lives and the concurrence of their outlook. Established as an artist in his own right, his work appears in galleries around Scotland and in London.

Artist Frank McFadden at Annan Gallery


Abigail Wild wrote a wonderful pen portrait of Frank for the (Glasgow) Herald a few years ago; required reading to get under the skin of this complex, intellectual and insightfull artist.

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