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Profile of Elena Kourenkova

Elena was born in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), Russia, in 1966. She graduated from an Architectural institute in 1989 and moved to Moscow, where she worked as an architect until the beginning of Perestroika, then worked as an interior designer. She now lives and works in Scotland where her paintings are shown both in public exhibitions and through selected galleries. Elena regularly exhibits at RGI, Glasgow, PAI and the Aspect Prize Show as well as Art Fairs in London, Battersea, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Chelsea and Birmingham. Her work appeared on Channel 4's Grand Design TV series last year.
"In order to survive, ordinary Russians had to wear a drab look of obedience and self suppression. I had always wanted to escape from that total uniformity and find the way to express my vision in life in a different way, reflecting a happier funny side of everyday existence. My characters sometimes seem emotionally isolated, keeping themselves to themselves, even when they are clustered in groups, but they are not lacking emotions, they only express them in their own way. They are content and happy, yet they do not take themselves too seriously."

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