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Profile of Douglas Thomson

A Graduate of Glasgow School of Art (1978), Douglas was awarded a postgraduate scholarship to explore and develop his unique style at Hospitalfield House, Arbroath. He worked with Glasgow Print Studio in its early days as both technician and artist and has exhibited regularly both at home in Scotland (Compass Gallery, Glasgow, 369 Gallery, Edinburgh), in London and in Germany (N├║rnberg and Berlin) where he lived and worked in the 1990s.

Thomson's subject is the human figure, often reduced down to just the head worked and reworked carefully in richly coloured oil on canvas. Facial expressions are uniformly banal and rarely betray emotion - 'poker-faced' was Marina Vaizey's description - yet those piercing, haunting, almond-shaped eyes suggest inner thoughts and a wisdom contained. The heads can be discomforting if you attempt to imagine building a relationship with each subject. These are no instant friends welcoming your bond but will require careful cultivation before they accept you.



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