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Profile of Colin Park

Born in Dumbarton. Time-served house painter with the firm of Wilhelm Fresian from 1964-68. 1 Year Journeyman. Self-employed painter and decorator for 27 years. Attended Glasgow School of Art from 1996-2000, gaining BA (Hons) with a sell-out degree show. Now working full-time as a painter, draughtsman and sculptor.

Colin Park

Colin's 'Head' series are larger-than-life imagined portraits resembling primitive ritual masks and expressing strong primitive emotion.

Whenever I look at them, I find more questions than answers. Each head has something to say but, like any human communication, is that really the sentiment of the character behind or .. is it just a mask? And like any facial expression, how will it change in a few seconds of time? Again, how do those intense colours code against the emotion being expressed?

His pencil studies carry the same emotion but rely on drawing technique rather than colour to convey sentiment.

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