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Profile of Carolyn Rockwood

.Artist Carolyn Rockwood

After graduating from Hamilton College of Education, Carolyn studied drawing and painting at the Villa Trossi, Livorno, Italy. Carolyn later attended classes at the Art Institute, Chicago before returning to Scotland to teach art at Butterstone School, Perth.


Seasonal changes in the Scottish landscape and buildings that suggest the working relationship of people with the land are the subjects that excite me. Plants and flowers in the landscape are frequently (almost always) one of my starting points. A tangle of rosehips, like an Elizabethan embroidery in a hedgerow, triggers a painting of the landscape around it, or a dense patch of bog-cotton blowing by a Highland loch ... that sort of thing


Carolyn has has a strong track record in mixed, two-person and solo shows in UK, starting her career with solo shows at The Stirling Gallery in 1981 and 1982.

  • 1981 Eden Court Theatre, Inverness (Two person show)
  • 1981, 84 Gladstone's Land, NTS Edinburgh
  • 1981 Macauley (now Stenton) Gallery
  • 1985, 89, 92, 2002 Broughton Gallery, Biggar (solo show)
  • 1987, 88 The Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow
  • 1988 The Kelly Gallery, Glasgow
  • 1993 Threave Gardens, NTS, Castle Douglas
  • 1993, 94, 95, 96 Gallery 41, Dundas St, Edinburgh
  • 1994, 95 The Atholl Gallery, Dunkeld
  • 2002 Eduardo Alessandro Studios, Broughty Ferry
  • 2002 Iona Gallery, Woodstock, Oxford
  • 2003 Eduardo Alessandro Studios, Broughty Ferry
  • 2003 Fisher Gallery, Pittenweem
  • 2003 Iona Gallery, Woodstock, Oxford
  • 2004 Strathearn Gallery, Crieff, Perthshire
  • 2004 Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh (Two person show)
  • 2005 Eduardo Alessandro Studios, Broughty Ferry
  • 2006 River Room, Pitlochry Festival Theatre (Solo)
  • 2006, 07 Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
  • 2007 Eduardo Alessandro Studios, Broughty Ferry
  • 2007 McEwan Gallery, Ballater
  • 2008 Eduardo Alessandro Studios, Broughty Ferry
  • 2008 McEwan Gallery, Ballater
  • 2009 McEwan Gallery, Ballater
  • 2009, 10 Annan Gallery, Glasgow

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