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Profile of Beth Robertson Fiddes

I spent my early childhood on the Isle of Tiree, and in Kingussie in the Highlands of Scotland but since graduating from ECA in 1995 I have been based in and around Edinburgh.
I spend a great deal of time in the West Highlands and islands of Scotland making sketches which are then used to develop larger pieces of work back in the studio.
Layering glazes of paint, drawing, collage and impasto, I work on large land and seascapes reflecting on themes of memory, solitude and scale, while smaller works study unusual rock formations shaped by the tides or mountain rivers and waterfalls.

video: Beth in the studio

video: Beth recalls her St Kilda stay

Creating a painting is a process of discovery for me. I work in acrylic, ink, oil and also use paper.
I want to paint the feeling of being present in a landscape at a particular point in time.
Maybe that time is not now. It may be a scrap of a memory or a fleeting glimpse of light and colour noted in a sketch and reworked later.
I try in my work to evoke a sense of place, to capture the feeling and essence of the landscape rather than re-creating it in paint. Returning to favourite childhood haunts and seeing them afresh has given my painting a new dimension allowing memories to combine with new sights and experiences.
My work has always been based on observation and drawing outdoors is fundamental to my working methods. I find more and more now that I want to retain the spontaneity of the initial impressions and sketches in the final pieces.
I enjoy experimenting with mixed media, creating surface and texture in the paintings through the use of collage, and varying the thickness of the paint from impasto to glazes. It's a balance between the inspiration and reference point of the landscape and allowing the painting to gain its own identity.

Susan Mansfield reviews Beth's first solo show in the Scotsman

In recent years Beth's work has been exhibited at:

  • Bryce Hall, Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh
  • Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee
  • Union Gallery, Edinburgh
  • Frame Creative Space, Edinburgh
  • Kilmorack Gallery, Beauly
  • Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
  • Greig St Studio, Inverness
  • Greens and Blues, North Berwick
  • Iona Gallery, Kingussie
  • Scottish Widows Atrium, Edinburgh


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