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Profile of Adrian McMurchie

Born and educated in Glasgow, Adrian McMurchie graduated in Graphic Design in 1990, working as a graphic artist for several years before launching into the precarious world of commercial art as a freelance illustrator /artist. His illustrations have appeared in most UK national newspapers, in magazines such as BA's in-flight High Life, for children's book publishers (two in 2007, including a unique children's literary guide to Edinburgh, introduced by J.K. Rowling, and a morbid look at Glasgow's high gothic Southern Necropolis) and for design consultants while his panoramic cityscapes are installed in public buildings across Scotland. His illustrations for the Sunday Herald restaurant reviews each week are instantly familiar and often kinder to the interior than the food critic to the kitchen!


When not working on these assignments, he indulges his passion for recording cityscape architecture.

Through my preferred medium of watercolour and ink, I try to express the dynamic contours of city buildings and reflect the vigour of urban life.

This is not technical drawing. Urban life is recorded as Adrian finds it but with a seasoned eye for details that can be encapsulated in a vignette and for the splash of colour that emphasises, often from a dramatic high or low perspective.

The aim within my illustrations is to make architecture more fun and therefore accessible to the general public.

Adrian has shown his work at the Annan Gallery in 2004 and had a very successful solo exhibition, Coast to Coast, here in 2006.


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