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example work from Gordon Wilson

Gordon Wilson

Scottish landscapes painted with a patchwork of colour

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awaiting example image for Rosanne Barr

Rosanne Barr

Placing the horizon low in her landscape paintings frees Rosanne Barr to concentrate on the drama of skies. Burnished hues in red and yellow break through unsettled weather.

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example work from Laura Beveridge

Laura Beveridge

diva musician figurative paintings, colourful and dynamic

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example work from George Birrell

George Birrell

East Coast fishing village vernacular style with bold colour

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example work from Ailsa Black

Ailsa Black

Quirky and light-hearted interpretation of life in rural Scotland based on the interaction of landscape, animals, birds and people that surround her studio.

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example work from Jane Blair

Jane Blair

Farm animals with a hallmark style and rich palette of colours

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example work from Heather Blanchard

Heather Blanchard

Rural Galloway through the seasons

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example work from Marion Drummond

Marion Drummond

Figurative paintings and floral studies, always emphasising the glance of sunlight. Marion works quickly and spontaneously to capture the subject then returns again and again to build up the effect that she wants to convey.

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example work from Jean Feeney

Jean Feeney

Sought after Scottish artist focusing on the coastal landscape

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awaiting example image for Beth Robertson Fiddes

Beth Robertson Fiddes

large land and seascapes on the themes of memory, solitude and scale from visits to her childhood home on Tiree and to M ull and Iona.

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example work from Hilary Gauci

Hilary Gauci

Hilary works in a Baroque style reminiscent of 17C Dutch painting, characterized by great drama, rich, deep colour, and intense light and dark shadows.

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example work from Scott Irvine

Scott Irvine

Wood sculpture and fused glass in harmony

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example work from Alex Johannsen

Alex Johannsen

Ceramic sculpture from the far side

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example work from Elena Kourenkova

Elena Kourenkova

Human foibles exposed in a quirky humorous take on people.

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awaiting example image for Ron Lawson

Ron Lawson

panoramic studies of cottages and black houses in the Western Isles with a strong graphic design feel

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example work from Frank McFadden

Frank McFadden

Bizarre portraits and studies from this highly regarded artist who shared a studio with Peter Howson for many years.

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example work from Georgina McMaster

Georgina McMaster

Incredible technical draughtmanship jolts her wild animals into life.

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example work from Pauline Montgomery

Pauline Montgomery

Bothy minatures using Scottish brick clay

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example work from Peter Nardini

Peter Nardini

Sunny days and strong shadows fill Peter's pastel-like paintings using acrylic media. A 'people watcher' who is also drawn to village life of his Italian homeland.

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example work from Jan Nelson

Jan Nelson

The movement and vivid colour of sail boat racing captured in impasto detail by this versatile Scottish artist

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example work from Jacqueline Orr RSW RGI

Jacqueline Orr RSW RGI

Vibrant colour, heavy texture in oil paintings both floral and pastoral

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example work from James Orr

James Orr

Distinctive West Coast landscapes with deep azure skies.

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example work from Colin Park

Colin Park

Fantastic over-size head portraits in a variety of media

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example work from Lin Pattullo

Lin Pattullo

Readily recognisable for a graphic design style and strong use of colour. Her subjects range from Scottish and Mediterranean landscape to studies of children at play.

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example work from Tom Scanlon

Tom Scanlon

Cityscapes and crowds captured with a fascinating unique heavy texture in oils. Luscious high colours mix and swirl.

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example work from Tartan Wild

Tartan Wild

Textile designs in Harris Tweed

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example work from Douglas Thomson

Douglas Thomson

monumental heads and figures reveal primitive and ambiguous emotions. Surprising and exciting statements of human relationship

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example work from Helen Turner

Helen Turner

Landscape and coastal settings are captured in Helen's large-scale canvases.

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example work from John Warmerdam

John Warmerdam

Calm light play where sea and sky meet.

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