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Welcome to Annanart at the Annan Gallery


A wide selection of gallery artists on show along with artist solo events

Gordon Wilson - Solo Show of New Work


Juicy colours, recurring themes, odd quirks and superb presentation are the standout reasons to be excited about Gordon Wilson's latest series of paintings.

flip through the catalogue here, look online or call in to the gallery to view the show - on until 21 May.

 Gordon Wilson, Wash Day, Loch Lomond. oil on panel. 51x51 cm (81x81 cm framed)

Gordon Wilson, Wash Day, Loch Lomond. oil on panel 51x51 cm (81x81 cm framed)

Gordon Wilson, Harbour Pussies. oil on canvas 30x30 cm (61x61 cm framed)above: Gordon Wilson, Harbour Pussies oil on canvas 30x30 cm (61x61 cm framed)

right: Gordon Wilson, Jammy Bee, oil on canvas 21x30 cm (50x60 cm framed)

 Gordon Wilson, Jammy Bee oil on canvas 21x30 cm. (50x60 cm framed)
Gallery Programme 2017  

6 - 21 May Gordon Wilson

A trinity of quirky themes - Belties, puffers and Bertha, the archetypical wee wummin - and others, played out on Gordon's canvases large and small.


3 - 18 June Summer Mixed Show

Contrasts on show to herald Summer Colours. George Birrell, Pam Carter, Beth Robertson Fiddes, Hilary Gauci, Claire Harkess, Fiona Sturrock and more... Champagne and strawberries.


2 - 17 September George Birrell

Danger! Colours at Work. It's all about the interaction of colours in George's East Coast fishing villagescapes, beautifully executed in oils and mixed media.


7 - 22 October Beth Robertson Fiddes

Beth returns in Autumn with the latest work from her travels around Scotland. Large scale dramatic studies that focus on translucency of water, still or fast-flowing and on the colour in rock surfaces. Painstaking work to recreate the impression of how it felt to be there. From small study panels to room-dominating 150x120 cm paintings.

18 Nov - 31 Dec Winter Mixed Show  


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